Get adventurous with kayaking tours, turtle spotting, and wilderness treks.

Take Advantage Of All Bokissa Has To Offer!

With stunning water views, crystal clear waters, and incredible wildlife,
take advantage of the many water activities available to our guests.. you won't regret it!

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    Explore The Local Reefs!

    Snorkel gear is free for guests, and so is the remarkable experience of floating in the clear warm waters while the fish of many colours, shapes and sizes meander through the water below. And then there’s the crystal wonderland of corals of all shapes and sizes, from delicate branched bright blue corals to massive yellow corals, many of which are hundreds of years old.

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    Stunning Kayaking

    You’ll find kayaks waiting for you on the beach, and you can paddle around the island, stopping off to enjoy the scenery as you go, or we can take you to a neighbouring island to paddle the pristine waters of the river, or to a local blue hole, where the water is incredibly clear and an equally incredible luminous blue.

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    World Class Fishing!

    And the fishing! If you like to fish this is the place for you. The fishing around our island is amazing, and we can organise trips to catch pelagic fish such as tuna, mackerel, wahoo, mahi mahi, sailfish and marlin. Because of our commitment to preserving the reef, we only fish for pelagics.

Turtle Discovery, & The Famous Malo River Kayak Trek

Featuring stunning scenery and even more beautiful wildlife,
our kayaking tours have been featured on Getaway, and are the highlight of the region!

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    Bokissa Island Sanctuary

    Bokissa has 175 acres of rainforest with walking tracks through the island where you can see wild orchids and the many birds and animals that also call Bokissa home. The resort offers a guided tours to introduce you to the trails and the wildlife. Whether it be discovering turtles, dungongs, or the endangered tree climbing Coconut Crabs, you'll be sure to be delighted!

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    Malo River Kayak Tour

    The Malo River Kayak Tour is exclusive to Bokissa, and will be one of the highlights of your stay. It has featured on Getaway twice and is a wonderful way to experience the “real” Espiritu Santo and see the gorgeous pristine water ways, blue holes, giant turtles and much more. Kayak (with assistance) up the quietly meandering Malo River under WW2 built bridges, enjoy a BBQ lunch on the beach and keep an eye out for eagles and sea birds.

Explore The Exclusive Bokissa Plant & Wildlife Sanctuary

Explore the more than 175 acres of rainforest walking tracks,
featuring wild orchids and the many birds and animals that call Bokissa home.

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    Coconut Crab Night Tour

    Bokissa offers an exclusive night tour, featuring the beautiful and strange, yet highly endangered Coconut Crabs. Highly famed for their sweet taste, these beautiful crabs grow to over 1 metre in width, climb trees, and only come out at night! Named for their ability to crack coconuts with their pincers, Coconut crabs truly are marvellous to spot in their natural habitat, are protected on Bokissa Island, making this a truly exclusive and rare chance to see them in the wild.

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    Exclusive Bokissa Nature Treks

    Bokissa has 175 acres of rainforest with walking tracks through the island where you can see wild orchids and the many birds and animals that also call Bokissa home. The resort offers a guided tour to introduce you to the trails and the wildlife. Our commitment to Bokissa Island extends to preserving the land, sea and animals that share this pristine environment. You may be lucky enough to see the turtle who breed on the island and the dugongs who visit the sheltered waters.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the information on snorkelling, kayaking, and our amazing tours
you'll need to know to get the most out of your Bokissa stay!

Q: What activities are included in the package?
A: We have a variety of activities you can take part in on Bokissa that come included in your package. Snorkelling equipment is available complimentary if you’d like to exlore the local reefs, and we also have kayaks that you can take out to explore the local area. We also have a volleyball court, a stunning pool area, and a giant chess set!

If you feel like chilling out there are hundreds of books available in the library, and a movie area in the main hall with a selection of DVDs. There are also hammocks and sun beds down by the beach if you’d like to snooze in the shade or the sun!

Q: How does the wilderness walk work?
A: We have over 10 hectares of untouched virgin rainforest on Bokissa island, and it’s makes a beautiful half day trek. You’ll see a huge variety of birds native to Vanautu, as well as xxxx. At night, you’ve a good chance of discovering several of our endangered Coconut Crabs climbing the trees, a treat exclusive to Bokissa island.

Q: Tell me more about the Turtle Expedition, how does it work?
A: Often linked to the Kayak Tour, visiting the turtles is an amazing experience. You’ll travel by boat for 20 minutes until we arrive at the area famous for it’s turtle colonies. There, in the often crystal clear waters, you’ll explore and discover many turtles, as well as reef sharks, many different kinds of fish, and if you’re lucky, the local dugongs!

Q: How do the fishing trips work, and what type of fish can I catch?
A: Our fishing charters include skipper and crew. You can go for a half day, or by the hour (with a minimum of 2 hours) to the other local reefs or F.A.Ds in the area.

Depending on the time of year, you could catch yellowfin tuna, dog fish tuna, mahe mahe, scad, wahoo, rainbow runners etc.

Q: What can we see while snorkeling? A: The local reefs are packed with marine life and stunning coral, including clown fish, lionfish, and scorpion fish. If you’re lucky you’ll also meet up with some turtles, reef sharks, a giant moray eel, or even hang out with the local dugongs!

Q: What tours are available?
A: There are a number of tours available, including the Turtle Expedition, Malo River Kayak Trek, the local Wilderness Trek, Coconut Crab Walk, Fishing Charter Trip, and several diving trips.. there is a huge assortment of interesting things to do and see!

Q: How do we book activities?
A: You can book activities and tours with reception during your stay, although scheduling for tours can sometimes take a day or two as we’ll need to liaise with the local villages who own the land you’ll be visiting. Our staff can assist with advice, so have a chat to them when you arrive to organize what you would like to do.

Q: What will I see in the Malo River Kayak trek?
A: The Malo River Kayak Trek is a highlight of the tours available on Bokissa. You’ll explore the local channels by kayak, see an amazing variety of birds native to Vanautu, spot turtles, and discover truly stunning blue hole, where the water is deep blue and crystal clear with a natural spring in the middle – it's so quiet and peaceful.

Q: What are Coconut Crabs, how does the coconut crab night tour work?
A: Coconuts Crabs are an endangered species of crab much prized as a delicacy for it’s sweet tasting meat. The owners bought over a hundred coconut crabs from local markets and released them onto the island, where they are happily breeding.

They are protected on the island, and where possible we will rescue them from the local markets and release them into the Bokissa rainforest.

Coconut Crabs are named after their famous ability to cut into coconuts to extract the meat. They are truly unique and beautiful creatures, only coming out at night, and they make for a very exciting night-time nature walk, exclusive to Bokissa!

Words From Our Happy Guests!

❝ This is the perfect place to unwind and get away from it all - no TV/limited wifi, and only a few other guests to share paradise with. You really have no choice but to relax! ❞

❝ My partner and I are going back to this beautiful island for the fourth time in March and can't wait. ❞

❝ Had two wonderful weeks and had the best time. I dived 8 amazing dives - my favourite dives were the Henry Bernard and the night dive. Absolutely amazing! ❞



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