Dive the SS Coolidge, our local wrecks, or explore the surrounding reefs!

World Class Wreck Diving Off The SS Coolidge!

Bokissa features spectacular world class wreck diving off the SS President Coolidge
as well as our very own private wreck, the SS M.V. Henry Bonneaud!

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    The President SS Coolidge

    Divers come from all over the world to experience the magic that is diving the SS President Coolidge. Our dive masters have been exploring the wreck for many years, and can show you all of the best sites, including incredible night diving!

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    M.V. Henry Bonneaud (Bokissa Exclusive!)

    The wreck of the Henry Bonneaud is exclusive to our resort, and sits on the outer edge of the Bokissa Island coral reef and is only a few minutes from the Bokissa wharf in 30 to 40m of crystal clear water. Often combined with a dive to the local reefs, this is spectacular diving!

Vibrant & Spectacular Reef Diving!

Explore the same reefs that brings marine biologists & underwater photographers
come to Bokissa from all around the world to see!

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    Reef diving packed with wildlife!

    Bokissa features protected reefs, teeming with amazing wildlife. Hundreds of species of fish, hard and soft corals live in this protected marine sanctuary. They are quite tame, and the water is very clear making the Bokissa coral reefs perfect for underwater photos.

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    Dugongs, Turtles, and Reef Sharks!

    Here at Bokissa we've been lucky enough to hang out with Dugongs on a regular basis. Living off the sea grass growing just off the shore, Dugong mothers and their cubs are a frequent feature of the area, and hanging out with them is an amazing experience!

State Of The Art Dive Facilities!

Featuring experienced instructors of many years, and a fully featured dive pool,
why not enjoy the thrill of your first dive while you're here?

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    Discover SCUBA Diving

    Thinking of going diving for the first time? Why not let our experienced Dive Masters take you out for a trial? The reefs just off Bokissa offer spectacular diving just off the shore, and in shallow water. It's the perfect way to get started!

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    All Dive Gear Available Onsite!

    Our dive rates include weights, tanks, airfills and qualified guides. NOTE ALL DIVES ARE BOAT DIVES ON BOKISSA. Also available for hire is full scuba wetsuit, and dive torch.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the information on wreck diving, reef diving, and our dive acadamy
you'll need to know to get the most out of your Bokissa stay!

Q: Are you PADI certified?
A: Absolutely! All of our Divemasters and Dive Instructors are certified by PADI.

Q: Do you have dive equipment for hire?
A: Definitely! While it’s always best to bring your own equipment if possible, we have full wetsuits and sets of dive equipment available for rental. The price will vary depending on what dive gear you require, so if you think you’ll need rentals, please email ahead, and we’ll send through current pricing and availability. As a guide, a full set of dive gear, including wetsuit, will cost around $20AUD per dive.

Q: How far away from the resort is the SS President Coolidge?
A: Bokissa is just a short boat trip away from the SS President Coolidge, approximately 15-20 minutes.

Q: How many dives per day can you do at Bokissa?
A: The maximum dives we recommend is 3 dives per day, including a night dive. Any more than this and your dives will need to be very shallow, or you will run the risk of decompression sickness. This is a fairly standard guideline followed by most resorts around the world.

Q: What thickness wetsuit is best in Vanautu? What are the water temperatures like?
A: The water temperatures vary depending on season, from 25 degrees in winter to 29 degrees in summer. The majority of our guests dive in 3-5 mm wetsuits, and many even just dive in their rash vest and shorts.

Q: Do I need to be certified to dive the SS President Coolidge, or any of the other wrecks?
A: Yes, all dives with the exception of Discovery Scuba Diving (a beginner dive in the local reefs) require you to have at the very least a PADI Open Water divers license or equivalent. Make sure you bring your qualification ID with you as proof, as we need to verify and sign off on your qualification before diving.

Q: Is the Bokissa Dive Academy insured?
A: Yes, the Bokissa Dive Academy has full public liability insurance, as required in order to maintain a dive academy license with PADI.

Q: Will my regular travel insurance cover SCUBA Diving?
A: In general, your travel insurance will NOT cover SCUBA Diving. While we go to extreme lengths to keep our guests safe, being an underwater sport, SCUBA Diving carries many inherent risks, including but not limited to water expansion injuries, decompression injuries, and in the event of equipment failure or diver error, possible inhalation of water, drowning, and in extreme cases, death. In light of this, many travel insurance companies will not insure for SCUBA Diving, or at the very least, will charge a premium on top of the regular fees.

Make sure to ask your Travel insurance provider about this, and in the event of SCUBA Diving not being covered, you should consider using another provider, or obtaining separate insurance from a specialist provider such as DAN {insert link}

Q: Is NITROX available?
A: There are no NITROX facilities available on Bokissa at this time.

Q: Do you supply dive computers?
A: No, you’ll need to supply your own dive computer for diving at Bokissa. That said, our dive masters all have dive computers which they use to safely manage every dive. Diver safety is paramount at Bokissa, and our divemasters work within very conservative parameters and guidelines.

Q: What is the SS President Coolidge?
A: The SS President Coolidge was originally a passenger steamer, and was commissioned as a troop and equipment carrier by the US Military during World War II. After being hit by mines late in the war, the ship limped into safe harbour and finally sank just metres from the shore of Santo, a major island of Vanautu. Amazingly, of the over 2000 crew, all but two survived, although almost all of the equipment on board was lost, including trucks, tanks, and many other pieces of equipment. Their misfortune turned out to be very fortunate for divers, as the SS Coolidge is now one of the prime wreck dives in the world!

To find out more about the SS Coolidge, you should visit the wikipedia page here:

Q: How deep are the wreck dives?
A: At just under 200 metres long, the SS President Coolidge offers a whole range of varying depths, starting from 12 metres deep, all the way down to 50 metres of more! There is an amazing amount to see on the SS President Coolidge, and our divemasters have many years of familiarity with the wreck, so whatever depth you go to, we can guarantee your wreck dives will be the highlight of your trip!

Q: Do you have any night dives?
A: We sure do! There are two night dives in particular of note, the first in the SS President Coolidge, and the second at our very own private wreck, the M.V. Henry Bonneaud. Both are beautiful dives, and come highly recommended!

Q: Do I need to have my own insurance when diving at Bokissa?
A: Absolutely, yes! The insurance we have covers costs that Bokissa may incur as a result of injury, but does not cover you as the individual. It is highly recommended you get dive insurance before you arrive to make sure you’re fully covered.

Q: What is there to see while diving the local reefs? A: The local reefs are packed with marine life and stunning coral, including lionfish, scorpion fish, and clownfish. If you’re lucky you’ll also meet up with some turtles, reef sharks, a giant moray eel, and even hang out with the local dugongs!

Words From Our Happy Guests!

❝ This is the perfect place to unwind and get away from it all - no TV/limited wifi, and only a few other guests to share paradise with. You really have no choice but to relax! ❞

❝ My partner and I are going back to this beautiful island for the fourth time in March and can't wait. ❞

❝ Had two wonderful weeks and had the best time. I dived 8 amazing dives - my favourite dives were the Henry Bernard and the night dive. Absolutely amazing! ❞



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